Saturday, November 2, 2013

President Obama will host President Juan Manuel Santos of Colombia at the White House on Tuesday, December 3 -- Why the Colombian President is a Great Failure, a Lame Duck and next year can witness his poltical ruin and demise

Americans like success and don't love failure. This President Juan Manuel Santos is cursed with failure !

JMS promised in his presidential campaign of 2010 to be strong and tough against the FARC Narco Kidnappers, but has done exactly the opposite giving Heaven and Earth to these Bombers that kill Children, Women and the Old with Land Mines, practice Bomb Terrorism in Commercial Centers and kidnap citizens for ransom in highways.

The Plan of Santos is to populate the Colombian Congress with FARC terrorists, using CONSTITUTIONAL fraud and shortcuts, and deceiving the electorate by all possible means, using dirty tricks like "Special Districts" that are fake constituencies to force FARC into that Congress.

JMs says former President Alvaro Uribe's Government was very CORRUPT, but he was the "star minister" and heir, he was one of the main recipients of power during that Government and destroyed Uribe's legacy of Security and Victory over the Terrorist FARC.

The White House says : 

"The visit will highlight our longstanding partnership with Colombia and our continuing support for the Santos Administration’s efforts to achieve peace and to build a more democratic society."

Certainly I believe that the USA and Colombia are allies for very strong reasons in these fields of consideration : Military, Defense, Geopolitical, Economic, Cultural. And I believe that the friendship will grow and each nation will consider the other more important in the future.

But there is something wrong in the White House Statement.

Vicente Duque


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Learn something about President Obama by watching a guy that has the opposite personality and character. The President of Colombia JM Santos, a weak guy, pusillanimous, lacking courage and resolution to face enemies

Obama fights to preserve the Constitutional Order and Integrity of the USA, for Rationality and Sanity against Republicans entrenched in Electoral Districts gotten by Despicable Gerrymandering and secure for reelections : "captive fiefdoms", "rotten boroughs" : decayed and pocket electorates : Racists in the Old South.

Obama fights for Democracy, Freedom, Honor and Dignity and for Respect to the USA.

Juan Manuel Santos is the opposite pole, he surrenders to Narcos, Kidnappers, Murderers.

He first knelt before Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro and Daniel Ortega. He has been resigned to the loss of 75,000 thousand square kilometers of Colombian Seas stolen by Nicaragua without doing nothing effective except talking a lot of nonsense and spending millions of dollars in American Lawyers.

After an "operation turtle" to press him JM Santos gave an increase of 4,000 dollars a month to Colombian Congressmen, even if they already earn 12,500 a month and have lots of free benefits like cars, free air travel, free houses, meals, etc ... paid by the taxpayer

And he is going to place the FARC terrorists in the Colombian Congress by a Scam, Fraud  and Chicanery of  nonexistent "Special Districts" ... FARC regularly kidnaps Americans and Foreigners and JM Santos is going to give them TOTAL IMPUNITY and PERFECT AMNESTY !

Vicente Duque


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Computer Simulations of Terrorism and the Spread of Castro-Chavo-Communism in Colombia and South America - Can the USA lose the Southern Caribbean and even more ?? - Horrible Scenarios for American Foreign Policy

I have seen the most beautiful Computer Simulations of Life and Evolution - Life forms are born, reproduce and die on the screen, they eat each other according to rules. Many life structures and species are created

President JM Santos of Colombia is going to force brutally the inclusion of FARC Narco Terrorists and Murderers in the Colombian Congress and Mayors of Cities

This should be computer simulated by CIA, NSA, etc ....

What is the effect of these prizes and encouragement to Terrorists - According to Santos White Doves of Peace will fly over Colombian and all Narco Terrorists and Kidnappers will cease their evil actions immediately.

I think that life is not so simple and I would bet that all bad guys will be encouraged by the big prizes that Genocide Murderers are going to get with such a foolish president.

If you follow American Foreign Policy for Latin America then you can see crazy dictators creating trouble for the USA, specially in Nicaragua, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia.

I would not say that Brazil and Argentina are great and faithful allies of the USA.

But the Colombian Case is very grave, Colombian has been deemed the best ally of the USA in the Region and has two oceans Atlantic and Pacific right next to Panama and its canal.

Fortunately for Colombia and the USA, Colombia is a close ally ( but not a member ) of NATO. It would be a nice idea for the Western Nations to have a close watch on what happens in Colombia, and continue in the existing NATO-Colombia alliance.

Vicente Duque


Monday, August 26, 2013

Colombia shows that Girls Skin is the greatest enemy of COMMUNISM - In areas where Girls wear Bikinis, Hot Pants, or show cleavages, the "FARC Agrarian Strike" is non existent, now in August 2013

Whereas in more primitive areas of Colombia where Women wear Men Hats and girls never show skin the Violence appears

Rock, Rap and Blue Jeans also exorcise the violent Communist FARC guerrillas : The areas with great Sea Harbors or Airports and with surrounding industries and agro-industry for Export have no riots in this month of August

The protest is concentrated in very small areas : Boyaca, Cauca, NariƱo, where people are more indigenous and folkloric in their attire - That is at most 5% of Colombia and they are the most backward, primitive and rural areas

Castro-Chavo-Communism is defeated by Girls Skin, that is by MODERNITY


Thursday, August 15, 2013

The coming Global Challenges and Confrontations between the USA, Canada, NATO on one side and China, Russia, others on the other side - Why things are going for the worst, not only in the Middle Eat but in Latin America

Sorry to worry and disturb you, but the following decades do not look as very peaceful and lacking in Confrontation and Conflict.

You know how stressful things are in the Middle East !

But how about Latin America ??, where some crazy filo-communist dictators constantly cause trouble for the USA, and they are supported by China, Russia and their weapons.

These Castro-Chavo-Communists pick on Colombia, an important ally of the USA, Canada and NATO that cooperates in defense with these Super Powers. They are successfully stealing the seas, islands and lands of that beleaguered nation.

And the President of Colombia is a super fool, a "Tropical Neville Chamberlain" kneeling before the brutal dictators and giving heaven and earth to the NARCO KIDNAPPERS, terrorist murderers of Children, Women and the Old : Enter the FARC guerrillas to rule the country ! - Like Pablo Escobar ruling Colombia or the Zetas ruling Mexico.

Colombia is very useful for USA and its friends because of its location at the heart of Latin America and next to the Panama Canal. It is vital to keep peace in the Southern Caribbean.

Perhaps you are informed of the Nicaragua Canal that China is going to build and probably occupy with many ships, airplanes, etc ...

And Venezuela has been buying weapons from Russia and China at fast speed. An Arms race in the Caribbean.

And Cuba is sending weapons to North Korea via Panama or so they say. Probably the destination was South America to attack Colombia.

According to informations of the National Review, the Chinese Premier has visited the Azore Islands and China is very interested in bases in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean.

Sorry if this is very pessimistic. Perhaps Realistic ??

Vicente Duque

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Great Political Tragedy and Degradation of Latin America : The sickness is particularly acute in Venezuela and Colombia. - In Venezuela Chavismo has ruined the Economy and established a repugnant dictatorship. In Colombia the President ruins the country

In Colombia the President says that the FARC should not be humiliated, but he humiliates the whole nation by giving heaven and earth to the Terrorists and Murderers of Children, Women and the Old.

He is going to place the FARC inside Congress by means of Fraud and the Constitution is disregarded.

The USA is the favorite punching bag for Communist leaning Governments of Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and never forget Cuba that is the Orchestra Director and Maestro of the Cacophony of insults.

Colombia was greatly insulted when it approached and was well received as a friend ( but not a member of course ) of NATO ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization ).

I am somewhat pessimistic and I think that Communism ( and Imbecility ! ) is going to make great inroads in Latin America. Specially if China continues in economic growth, and buys its entrance in Latin America.

The fools are there ready to create trouble for the USA, its ally Colombia and for the Western World in General, including Europe and NATO.

Vicente Duque


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Future Decades : I expect a lot of bad things in the Military field, like challenges from China to USA in Central America ( Nicaragua ), the Southern Caribbean ( Venezuela ) and the Central and South Atlantic ( Azores ? )


Those are bad things for the USA and bad for the best and most democratic countries of Latin America.

What is good for the American Economy is good for Defense.

I sincerely believe that Medicaid Expansion is good for the U.S. Economy

I also believe that the U.S. Economy will gain a lot with the Immigration Reform, and all that people that may become citizens and will also defend the American nation.

Look at the growing tide of insults against the USA from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia, and never forget Cuba ....

They may seem despicable, but there is a growing story of an Arms Race, especially in Venezuela.

Colombia has been approaching NATO ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization ) and has been well received by that Organization, training air operations with them in USA 2012, Canada 2013 and a micro Training with the Canadian Air Force in July, Colombia 2013

But those Latin American nations insulted Colombia, USA and NATO for that friendship and alliance.

Vicente Duque


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

VIDEO : Cenk Uygur : "Michele Bachmann Wants to Spank Obama's Magic Wand" - Bachmann is Topmost in Crazyness and Ridiculous Ideas - It is hard to defeat Michele in Right Wing Fantasies : That Obama is going to create 12 million new voters for the 2014 elections

Conspiracy Theory to scare fools over the Senate Immigration Bill :

Published on Jul 16, 2013

"Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) warned Monday that Republicans are in danger of losing control of the House of Representatives in 2014 if they let President Obama "wave his magic wand" and allow newly legal immigrants to vote. And as the congresswoman explained to conservative website WorldNetDaily, the only way to prevent this from happening is for Congress to give the president a "spanking" on immigration."*

Does Michele Bachman have any idea how funny she is? Really. Amid her factually-challenged rant against President Obama and immigration, she noted how the president had a "perpetual magic wand" which she'd like to "steal" and "spank." You make it too easy for us, Michele. Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

Michele Bachmann Wants to Spank Obama's Magic Wand


Saturday, July 13, 2013

House Republicans just passed a farm bill that included about $195 billion in subsidies to "farmers" (read: agribusiness) over 10 years, while eliminating food stamps and nutrition programs from the bill as "extraneous."

From "Republicans Nix Food Stamps: This Is Who They Are" by Robert L. Borosage, Huffington Post

Excerpts :

Conservative Republicans have turned the farm bill -- normally a bipartisan grotesquerie of agribusiness subsidies and excess -- from legislation to identity politics. They wanted to make a statement, even though they knew it couldn't survive the Senate or the White House veto. They passed it anyway -- without one Democratic vote -- to proclaim this is who we are.


Forty-seven million Americans receive food stamps. Nearly half are children under 18; nearly 10 percent are impoverished seniors. Food stamps are often the difference between hunger and survival. Republicans famously seem intent on being a party of white sanctuary, writing off all people of color, yet more whites receive food stamps (over one-third of all recipients) than blacks or Hispanics.

This is how they choose to be identified. They will bring the government to a halt to defend against any tax hikes on millionaires, or to fend off the closing of corporate tax shelters. They will vote in lockstep to take the sequester cuts entirely out of domestic programs -- education, clean water, pre-school -- in order to protect a Pentagon budget that remains the biggest source of waste, fraud and abuse in the federal government.

Huffington Post
Republicans Nix Food Stamps: This Is Who They Are
by Robert L. Borosage
July 12, 2013

Republicans Nix Food Stamps: This Is Who They Are


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Wall Street Journal’s conservative editorial board, a voice of institutional conservatism, said Boehner’s responsibility is to silence the voices of the shrillest anti-immigration Republicans." The Journal, which supports the pathway to citizenship, says House Republicans should be "willing to debate and vote" on that plan

Another problem for the Republican Party is the Great Gerrymandering of year 2011 as a result of the Republican triumph in the 2010 midterm elections, this redrawing of Districts to favor Republicans will paint them into a corner and backfire in a few years, as Demographies that vote for the Democratic Party grow in other districts where the Democrats will never lose

Gerrymandering is famous for leading to undesired consequences for the parties that practice it in several countries, because they divide the people, produce segmentation that later people resent

Excerpt from POLITICO.COM :

"The dumbest strategy is to follow the Steve King anti-immigration caucus and simply let the Senate bill die while further militarizing the border," the Wall Street Journal’s editorial page wrote on Wednesday, referring to King, an Iowa Republican. "This may please the loudest voices on talk radio, but it ignores the millions of evangelical Christians, Catholic conservatives, business owners and free-marketers who support reform. The GOP can support a true conservative opportunity society or become a party of closed minds and borders."

Immigration reform 2013: GOP leaders say House must act
July 10, 2013